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    April 1, 2021
    Throw Back Thursday: Isaac Schwartz on His Global Investor Origins & Having a Flexible, Focused Approach

    During our 2020 Robotti Global Annual Meeting in December 2020, Isaac discussed his origins as a global investor and having a flexible, focused approach:

    “My origins as a global investor started in 2005 when we were buying Thai and Southeast Asian stocks. And since that time, I lived for the better part of a decade in Hong Kong and Singapore and even had extended stays in Beijing and Istanbul and traveled extensively, visiting more than 1,000 companies in Asia and Europe over the years.

    I describe my style of value investing as flexible and focused, and today we’ll get into what I mean by that. It’s important because the principle affects idea generation and also risk management, and it’s why our portfolio is defined by a unique set of characteristics, not market cap or a certain geography. We’re looking for good risk-adjusted returns across developed and emerging markets and even seamlessly comparing ideas across them.”

    – Isaac Schwartz, December 2020, Robotti Global Annual Meeting

    For the full transcript or a video replay of the meeting, please email us at ir@robotti.com. We wish you and your family a Happy Holiday weekend!


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