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    February 27, 2020
    Robotti Discusses Ongoing Support of Women in Investment in Response to Warren Buffett’s 2019 Annual Letter

    On February 22, 2020, Warren Buffett noted in his annual letter: “During the first 30 or so years of my services, it was rare to find a woman in the room unless she represented a family controlling the enterprise. This year, it should be noted, marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed American women the right to have their voices heard in a voting booth. Their attaining similar status in a board room remains a work in progress.”


    At Robotti, we have been supporting women’s initiatives for years. Not just women’s presence on boards but the promotion of women as fund managers, the notion of women having a more proportionate share of executive roles and the education of young women and girls to be future leaders in the industry.


    How do we do this? We offer internships to the young female students of the Dominican Academy in NYC and speak to their Finance Club. We sponsor women in value and women in investment events, like our upcoming event in Omaha this year on May 1, 2020, and we are global angel supporter of the renowned financial charity 100 women in finance.


    As our Founder and CIO, Bob Robotti comments:


    “Having met with hundreds of companies’ executive management teams and having sat on multiple public company boards over the past 40 years, I am well aware of the dearth of women in prominent roles. This is why several years ago Robotti alum, Stephanie Baas, and I decided to host an event during the Berkshire Annual Meeting weekend to raise awareness and start a conversation. I have been sourcing undervalued investments for my entire career, and to me, the vast skill set, integrity and knowledge possessed by the women in this industry as compared to their severe underrepresentation in prominent roles presents a clear undervalued opportunity. As I have also found with my investments, you can’t always just wait for change – you have to get involved and be a positive catalyst.”


    Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Women in Investing event in Omaha on May 1, 2020 during the Berkshire Annual Shareholder’s Meeting weekend.

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