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    May 19, 2020
    Robotti Deconstructs Recent COVID Oil Price Volatility, Discusses Once in a Generation Opportunity in Energy

    UPDATE: We have added supplemental slides to accompany the themes discussed in the video. Hope you enjoy.  Onshore versus Offshore Oil and Gas_2020 (003)

    Robotti Managing Director, Lindsey Sichel Rubinstein, recently caught up with Founder and CIO, Bob Robotti, on a very pertinent topic – the frenzy at the intersection of COVID19 and oil & energy.

    Listen here for the full exchange and find out: What does it all mean? Are there investment opportunities for you?  Well with ~40 years experience, the goal of this conversation is to break it down for you, dispel some of the misconceptions and discuss some of the prevalent trends and opportunities.

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