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    November 18, 2020
    How to Invest in a World With a Vaccine – Value Stocks, Small Caps, and International Equities

    In a recent Barron’s article, multiple analysts and investment strategists express their confidence in “a rotation into value-oriented stocks from growth stocks that could persist for months and years” now that a potential COVID vaccine is in sight. This reaffirms Robotti & Company’s notion regarding value stocks as it relates to the current COVID environment and an opportune entry point for investing:

    As per the article, “A long winter for value investing could be ending.” International stocks, small-caps, and gold are also worth a look.

    “We are on the cusp of a sustained rally in value,” said J.P. Morgan strategists Davide Silvestrini and Marko Kolanovic; “…[T]his rotation has room to continue much further, given the material underperformance we have witnessed in recent years.”

    To learn more about Robotti & Company’s investment products and join us at this once in a generation entry point; please contact us at ir@robotti.com.



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