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    January 22, 2021
    Hindsight is 2020: Find Out Why – Read Our Year-End Robotti Commentary Available Now

    Founder and CIO, Bob Robotti, reflects on the past year and how trends accelerated and unleashed are presenting strong opportunities for the years ahead. The full letter can be found below, and highlights include:

    -Valuation Investing: Why valuation remains key and how ‘value investing’ is somewhat of a misnomer
    -So, where are we today?
    -How our investments in homebuilding provide a current and excellent case study
    -The ‘Lollapalooza Effect’ as it relates to value investing
    -Long cycles and how industries evolve
    -A ‘stock picker’s nirvana’: Are we experiencing a ‘true renaissance’ for value investing?

    As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback: IR@robotti.com

    RVE YE 2020 Letter