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    December 21, 2020
    Value Investing or Valuation Investing? – Listen to Our Annual Meeting to Find Out…

    Over the coming days and weeks, we will be sharing highlights from our recent annual meeting, which was held on December 2, 2020, at which our founder & CIO, Bob Robotti, and Portfolio Manager Curtis Jensen, presented. To start off, Bob Robotti shared the key to his investment decisions:

    “…[I]t really shouldn’t be value investing, it’s valuation investing. Valuation is a key part of every investment decision. It’s not wonderful businesses that have great growth or wonderful companies, the question is what price are you paying for that business.”

    – Bob Robotti, President, Founder and Chief Investment Officer


    To watch/listen to the full recording of the Robotti 2020 Annual Investor Meeting, click HERE.

    For the full transcript of the Robotti 2020 Annual Investor Meeting, click HERE.

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