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    March 25, 2020
    Update to Our Recent Comments on Global & Market Events

    Please find below excerpts from an update to our March 10th note.

    “Not only do we feel fortunate that we have long-standing relationships with our investee companies and their management teams, but we also believe that this provides us with an edge in informing our portfolio decisions and actions.”

    “We are continuing to invest in high quality companies across industries…over 75% of our investments are outside of conventional oil and gas.”

    “[T]he current environment, while frenetic and unpredictable, will likely be transitory. This too shall pass, and when it does, we believe we have a portfolio full of companies that are built for survival given the common attributes described above.”

    “These are scary times to be sure, and we can relate to how you are feeling. BUT we are also confident. We continue to invest, as we affirmed in our earlier note, and for those of you who can, we recommend the same. Although, here, we do recommend that if you are not in such a position adhere to our initial mantra.”

    “Now is not the time to panic and sell, but remain invested.”

    Whether out of interest or as an existing investor, please contact us to obtain the full content of our note for our funds or separately managed accounts.

    Stay healthy!

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