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    February 13, 2019
    Opportunities Abound in Emerging Markets

    In a recent Bloomberg article, This is Where Mark Mobius Would Put Money Right Now (bloomberg.com), Mark Mobius discusses the opportunities he sees in both emerging markets in general and India, Turkey and Brazil in particular. I just returned from a two week trip across India with Fairfax India visiting many of their holdings. At Robotti Advisors we agree that valuations for emerging market equities have become extremely attractive. For a skilled stock picker there are excellent opportunities.

    Mobius calls out the Indian, Turkish and Brazilian markets as being particularly attractive. Remember the investing rage of the BRIC countries? Since the time that rose bloomed in early 2016 new buds have been forming and valuations are once again attractive. I have witnessed this firsthand traveling extensively in many of the world’s developing markets including this most recent trip to visit companies and business leaders in India.

    I am planning to visit Indonesia with my colleague Isaac Schwartz, who has a wealth of experience investing in the sometimes turbulent world markets. Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world by population with a functioning democracy, rising literacy rates, and a low cost structure. It is also another country where equity valuations appear to be very attractive.

    There are opportunities abound with attractive valuations to mitigate the risks.

    – Bob Robotti

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