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    December 16, 2019
    Isaac Schwartz comments on the “dirty little secret” in the grocery industry.

    For our second post sharing highlights from our annual meeting last month, global strategy PM, Isaac Schwartz, comments on the “dirty little secret” in the grocery industry.  Full excerpt below:

    “There’s a dirty little secret in the grocery industry, which is waste. In the U.S., for example, nine out of the ten largest grocers do not disclose any data related to their waste… And companies are quiet about this because it’s embarrassing for environmental reasons. But, of course, it has enormous financial implications given that it’s an industry with low single digit margins where you’re talking about mid-single digit margins or shrinkage and loss.”

    – Isaac Schwartz, Portfolio Manager, Robotti Global Strategy

    If you would like access to the full transcript, including how we are expressing this view, please contact our Head of Marketing & IR, Lindsey Rubinstein here.


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